Zentail supports multiple versions of Magento. Make sure that you've communicated with a Zentail representative which version you use. If you use a version that begins with 2.1.x or higher (i.e., please follow the instructions in this article. If you use a version that begins with 1.x (i.e. 1.14.00), please reference the following article: What is the process for going live with Magento version 1.x?

Please note: For Magento2, we only support an integration with version 2.1.x and above (i.e. no 2.0.x). This is due to a technical constraint with Magento2 that were only corrected in later versions.

Instructions for configuring a Magento 2.1.x / Zentail integration:

Set up in your Magento account

  1. On Magento, login to the admin panel, navigate to System -> User Roles.

  2. Create a new role called zentail and ensure that the top-level Sales and Products options are checked (this should check all of the children as well).

  3. Save the role and navigate to System -> All Users.

  4. Create a new user with username: zentail, and some long random password (http://passwordsgenerator.net/sha256-hash-generator/).

  5. Make sure the user role zentail is assigned to the new user and save that.

Fill in API Credentials On Zentail

  • Go to Integrations and select the appropriate Magento card. Make sure your inventory integration is set to disable for now.

  • If you entered "Zentail" as your username in Magento then you can use Zentail as the API Login.

  • Enter the store url, username and api key inn Integrations. Be sure to click on "Save Settings". 

  • Work with your Zentail contact to import a list of products already listed on Magento. These will be toggled to "List" on Zentail so we can send accurate inventory.

  • Once API credentials are in Zentail, you can enable your inventory feed option!

Note: We will send inventory AND pricing for all SKUs listed to Magento

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