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What Is the Process for Going Live with Magento Version 1.x?
What Is the Process for Going Live with Magento Version 1.x?

This article highlights the steps necessary to go integrate your Magento store with Zentail 1.x

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Zentail supports multiple versions of Magento. Make sure that you've communicated with a Zentail representative which version you use. If you use a version that begins with 1.x (i.e. 1.14.00), then please follow the instructions in this article. If you use a version that begins with 2.1.x or higher (i.e., please reference the following article: What is the process for going live with Magento version 2.1.x?

Instructions for configuring a Magento 1.x / Zentail integration:

Set up in your Magento account

  1. On Magento, login to /admin, navigate to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC Roles.

  2. Fill in Zentail for role name, and fill in the current admin password (the one you used to log in).

  3. Still in Magento, under the Role Resources tab, make sure the following elements and all of their children are checked: Core, Sales, Catalog, Customers, Catalog Inventory.

  4. Save the role.

  5. Generate an API Key.  The API Key should be a relatively large random string. Please generate one using: .

  6. On Magento, navigate to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC Users.

  7. Fill out the form, taking note of the username and Add in the api key you generated. If the form has information already filled in you can leave those fields as is. Copy the string into the New API and API confirmation field.

  8. Go to System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC Users, Click on "Zentail",  make sure Zentail is selected in the column "Assign".

  9. Save the user.

Fill in API Credentials On Zentail

  • Go to Integrations and select the appropriate Magento card. Make sure your inventory integration is set to disable for now.

  • If you entered "Zentail" as your username in Magento then you can use Zentail as the API Login.

  • Enter the store url, username and api key on Integrations. Be sure to click "Save Settings". 

  • Work with your Zentail contact to import a list of products already listed on Magento. These will be toggled to "List" on Zentail so we can send accurate inventory.

  • Once API credentials are in Zentail, you can enable your inventory feed option!

Note: We will send inventory AND pricing for all SKUs listed to Magento

Things to Consider

We recommend you follow the conventions outlined in our artice Best Practices for Creating a SKU value when creating SKUs for your Magento 1.x site. Specifically, avoid using short, numeric only SKU values like "4141" or "12853" as Magento may not be able to differentiate SKU values from Product IDs.

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