Important Note: Walmart announced in May 2020, that it would be ending as a separate marketplace.

  1. Apply to Sell on
  2. Invite Zentail with Manager Access to your Jet Partner Portal
  3. Add Jet Fulfillment Nodes in Zentail
  4. Connect your Jet API Credentials with Zentail
  5. Edit Shipping Rules on Jet
  6. Conduct Jet Order Testing
  7. Set Jet to Production Mode
  8. Optimize SKUs in Zentail for a Quick Jet Review
  9. Request Prioritized Jet Review

Let us know if you need assistance getting started on Jet!

Invite Zentail with Manager Access to your Jet Partner Portal

In order to ensure we are able to guide you through the Jet Marketplace on-boarding process, we request that you add us as a user with "Manager Access"  in your Jet Partner Portal.

Here's how:

  1. Log into the Jet Partner Portal
  2. Click the Add a User button and select the Manager option
  3. Invite the email address we provided to you in your Welcome to Zentail, Let's Get Started! welcome email.
  4. If you have not been assigned an email address for your company, please email [email protected] or message us via chat to request one.

Add Jet Fulfillment Nodes in Zentail

Jet Fulfillment Nodes are unique identifiers for a specific fulfillment center. To make sure warehouses in Zentail are linked to the proper Jet Fulfillment Node:

  1. Log into your Jet Partner Portal and visit the Fulfillment Settings page
  2. Click "New Fulfillment node" and follow the onscreen prompts
  3. Create 1 Fulfillment Node for each Warehouse you plan on connecting

After creating all your fulfillment nodes:

  1. Log into Zentail and visit the Account Settings page.
  2. Copy and Paste the Jet Fulfillment Node ID for the corresponding warehouse into the  "Jet Node ID" field in Zentail and save your changes. (For ex. If you create a Fulfillment Node for your "FBA" warehouse, make sure you enter it in the "FBA" warehouse in Zentail). 

Please Note

All of your warehouses in Zentail (Account Settings Page) must have an accompanying Jet Fulfillment Node in your Jet Partner Portal. As a result, if you haven't done so already you will create a New Fulfillment Node for each warehouse. Clicking on the purple new fulfillment node button in your Jet partner portal and follow the onscreen prompts. 


If you accept returns for FBA products you will have to create a New Returns Location. Click on the button that can be seen towards the top right in the above Jet screen shot and follow the onscreen prompts.

Connect your Jet API Credentials with Zentail

Existing Jet Seller

Login to your Jet Partner Portal and Click API after clicking Products on the left side:

  1. Click Get API Keys in the top right.
  2. Copy the Merchant ID, Secret, and API User keys into the corresponding fields on Zentail's Integrations page. Save Settings.

For Sellers still going through the Jet Runway

  1. Login to your Jet Partner Portal
  2. Click the Integration on the left side bar
  3. Select ZentailCommerce as the Third-party integrator, Continue
  4. Confirm your info is correct, click Continue
  5. Copy the Merchant ID, Secret, and API User keys into the corresponding fields on Zentail's Integrations page. Save Settings.
  1. Verify that the integration is in test mode, then enable the feed options and click "SAVE SETTINGS"

2. In your Zentail catalog, set a SKU to List to Jet.

3. Wait 15 minutes for your SKU to flow into Jet to confirm the API connection.

Edit Shipping Rules on Jet

Please follow these steps to view and edit your shipping settings on

  1. Login to Jet's Partner Portal (
  2. Click the "Fulfillment" sidebar menu option (
  3. Click the gear icon on the far right of the page for the specific warehouse ("fulfillment node") =>  Select "Edit Shipping Settings" from the dropdown menu
  4. In the popup that appears, go through each step by clicking the "Next" button.

Please note

  • We recommend matching your total price (item price + shipping price, if any) with your pricing on Amazon. Please avoid double-charging for shipping -- if your pricing is "Free Shipping" on Amazon and that is the price you are sending to Jet, do not add shipping cost in Jet's fulfillment node setup as that will price you out of the market and can result in your SKU(s) not being approved for sale by Jet.
  • If you are charging for shipping some or all shipping service levels / or carriers, we recommend using "Price Banded" unless you sell products that are over-sized with a wide shipping cost variance.

FBA Fulfillment Node Example

To get started, here's a Price-Banded shipping model that should allow you to start generating sales on Jet for inventory fulfilled via FBA. Note how the Standard service level is competitive and shipping is free for the customer once the value of your merchandise in their cart reaches $25.

Jet Service Levels:

  • Standard: 3-5 day delivery
  • Priority: 2 day delivery
  • Expedited: next day delivery

FBA Service Levels: 

  • Standard: 3-5 day delivery
  • Expedited: 2 day delivery
  • Priority: next day delivery

Own Warehouse Fulfillment Node Example


Conduct Jet Order Testing

  1. In your JET Partner Portal go to the Test API Page
  2. In the "Authorized your API" calls section, click the Done button
  1. Click through the Common Multipack Quantity Issue prompt(s)
  2. Click the "Order Generator" hyperlink on Jet's Test API page 
  3. Generate an order to ship by selecting a SKU that is set to list to Jet in Zentail => Click "Generate Test Orders"
  1. Generate an order to cancel by setting "cancel quantity" to 1 => Click "Generate Test Orders"
  1. In Zentail's Orders section, ship the Jet test order that was not cancelled :
  • Make sure you are looking at the correct warehouse (top left of page):
  • Click the blue "SHIP" button
  • Un-toggle "Purchase Label" => Manually enter Fake carrier and tracking info
  • Click "SUBMIT"
  1. Refresh the Jet Test API page => Click "Return Generator" and select any order to return => Click "Send Return Notification"
  1. Wait a few minutes => go to the "Return Requested" section of Zentail
  • If a Jet test order is not there, please refresh the page -- you may need to wait a couple minutes longer.
  • Click the order => Click the blue "COMPLETE RETURNS" button.
  • Click the "COMPLETE RMA #" button

Set Jet to Production Mode

Once you've completed your Test API process, in order to access your production API credentials, you must first complete the Jet Runway checklist

Go to the Jet Dashboard and copy your Production API credentials

Paste them carefully into your Zentail Integrations page 

  • Enter them into the correct field, be sure no extra spaces or characters are included.
  • You can remove your Testing credentials (see blank fields in the image below)

Make sure your feed options are set to enable

  1. Toggle to "Production Mode"
  2. Click "SAVE SETTINGS"

Optimize SKUs in Zentail for a Quick Jet Review

Go to the Jet Partner Portal Dashboard -- it may take 24 hours for this view to update once have completed the Test API process. In the "Products" section on the dashboard, you can see how many SKUs are "Available for Sale". 

Click "View Details" to identify the status of individual SKUs.

Address your Product Listing Errors in Zentail. Click the "All Sources" dropdown => Select the Jet option. 

Review the "Last Message" in each row and click the "SKU" value in the corresponding row to take action and edit that SKU.

If your SKUs are stuck "Under Jet Review" or Missing Listing Data (see first screenshot): Please e-mail [email protected] to ask them to review your SKUs and to provide an internal report explaining why your SKUs are not "Available for Sale". You should also reach out to [email protected] if your SKUs are under review for more than 2 weeks. 

Request Prioritized Jet Review

If you are a Zentail customer and you would like Jet to prioritize review of your SKUs, please follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you have completed the Jet Test API process and your production API credentials are added to the Jet section of your Zentail integrations page. (FAQ)
  2. Make sure your shipping prices are optimized. (FAQ)
  3. Resolve product listing errors. (FAQ)
  4. Submit this form
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