Optimize SKUs for Walmart

Learn how to optimize your products for sale on Walmart.com with the help of our guide!

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In order to sell on Walmart, each of your SKUs must have a Walmart Product Type assigned and autofill this field for all SKUs with the same Smart Type.
In order for your Walmart Product Type to be filled in you need to assign a Smart Type to each SKU.
To do this:

  1. Please enter an Amazon Item Type into each SKU

  2. Alternatively, if you know the Smart Type you can begin typing it into the Smart Type field under General Info and select it from the drop-down list.

  3. This will likely autofill the Walmart Product Type and other channel categories

If the channel categories and Walmart Product Type do not autofill it means that these are new Smart Types that need to be optimized.
Once you have all your Amazon item types in Zentail, let your Onboarding Specialist know and they will have our data entry team optimize each Smart Type to fill in the missing channel categories.

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