Step 5

All integrations in Zentail are managed on the Integrations page. Here's how to connect your Walmart Marketplace account to your Zentail account:

  1. Log into your Walmart Developer Center. Use the same log-in credentials that you use to log into Walmart Seller Center.

  2. Scroll down to Production Keys for solution providers (Delegated Access) and use the drop-down to search or select Zentail, then click Add Provider.

  3. Give Zentail the greatest level of access for all feeds.

  4. Retrieve your Client ID & Client Secret from the API keys page. Important Note: You must click the blue "API Key" text next to Zentail to retrieve Zentail's delegated access keys. 

  5. In Zentail go to the Integrations page.

  6. On the left sidebar => Click the Walmart option

  7. Copy the Client ID from the Walmart Developer page => Paste it into the Client ID field in Zentail. Copy the Client Secret Key from the Walmart API page => Paste it into the Client Secret field in Zentail.

  8. Click "SAVE SETTINGS".

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