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How to Sync Stores with SkuVault
How to Sync Stores with SkuVault

Learn how to associate order from specific Sales Channels to SkuVault Stores

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You may want to associate orders from certain sales channels or marketplaces with specific stores that you have set up on SkuVault. One reason to do this would be that you have multiple Amazon FBA accounts and you want orders to flow from Amazon => Zentail => SkuVault. Setting up your Stores on Zentail will also allow you to take advantage of SkuVault's replenishment report.

Please follow the below steps to sync your SkuVault stores on Zentail

  • Go to your Integrations page on Zentail, select the SkuVault integration card

  • Run the action to SYNC STORES

  • Select the appropriate SkuVault store for each sales channel

  • Make sure to save your changes!

That's it! When future orders flow into SkuVault from Zentail, they'll include the associated SkuVault store based on the channel that it came in from. For example, if you have a store on SkuVault labeled "Amazon 1", you would make sure that all orders from your Amazon 1 storefront get sent to that store in SkuVault.

With a store sync'd, the "Channel" and "Marketplace" will show the channel (not the channel label) instead of "Api". For example, if you have an Amazon integration called "Zentail (Amazon)", then SkuVault we would show "Amazon". Note: not "Zentail (Amazon)".

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