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How Do I Setup My Tax Settings for Walmart?
How Do I Setup My Tax Settings for Walmart?

How to configure your sales tax settings

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While we are unable to provide tax advice, we want to make it easy to understand best practices for your tax settings on Walmart Marketplace. Here are some resources:

  1. Log into your Walmart Seller Center

  2. Go to the Tax Setup page

  3. Select the States where you have nexus (requirement to collect sales tax). Be sure to follow Configuring Your Taxes In The Seller Center for State-specific nuances.

  4. In the Tax Codes section, enter one tax code for each shipping option. Generic tax code '2038710' is recommended according to this video:

  5. Here's a screenshot showing you how to enter the tax code for each shipping option: 

6. Enter a short Tax Policy to inform Walmart customers about your general tax policies and rules. For example: "6% sales tax will be applied to all orders shipped to any Maryland address."

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